Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's a wonder that we survive the day

this is a ballad
this is a wet face
now this is a window
this is an area rug
this is a map
this is how disappointment feels
this is the smell of burning blacktop
the understanding of wall street trading
now microwave soba

this is a deadline
this, the sound of hornets
this is cold feet
now this is gridlock
again disappointment
this is a car loan
this is a crepe myrtle
those are poofy clouds

this is the sound of keys
this is a pregnancy test
this is a dream about Peter Tosh beating your ass
this is a diagnosis
this is how it feels to try not to wake someone at 6am
those are the shoes you just had to have
this is your best friend
this is reblogged

this is a stranger in a familiar place
the smell of hand sanitizer
this is how you picture me
this part is vague
this is near the end
those were someone's children
this is the thing you just know you forgot
followed by nothing

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