Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Got a 12 disc changer in the Camaro and a in dash (so I can have up to 13 at a time ready to play right now )

Q.) Mr Rogers had a mostly black brother
A.)He had a gun, and Trayvon had Skittles

Q.) Denzel Washington's evil characters are somehow hispanic or have hispanic elements to them, but
Jessica Alba is beautiful,and what makes it worse is she's not a strong actress.
A.) Her choice lyrics of "oh oh-oh no no no" got stale.
all of the vocals are sung thru a vocoder, so it sounds like a band of lysergic robots doing candy

Q.)The Smiths were really a singles band.
A.) I soaked that ish up.

Q.) Is The Clash the most underrated of all-time?" Honestly,
A.) This may be the first thing you've ever written that is unequivocally correct.

And a Wow, I forgot how awful of a character Jar Jar is.

Wow just Wow

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