Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey, Mayans!

This view of the landscape...

Curiosity hit the map
upon the flanks of Mount Sharp and Crater Rim
plunging through the pink Connecticut skies
once again raising fears about
using loudspeakers to communicate over and over,
“Your life is insignificant!” -
26 dead last on the uneven bars.

2 1/2 minutes of a white-knuckle dive
an extraordinary step in planetary rampage
the unquestioned world’s fastest man soaked with blood,
drunk on duty, wrapped in a Union Jack
so mentally “diseased” he could not tell
right from dozens of online fans,
including a 84-year-old man.

One of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history
(but well outside the world record)
one engineer cried, pumping his fist more perfect than ever
grabbed a flag from a spectator and declared he was the Joker.
“We did it again!” shouted another who was kind to his stepmother
a weird popping noise several hundred meters from the finish,
and then a can or something flying forward
to end empathy.
Forgetting serious discussion about a future as neither wanted
a friend to talk to
desperate to avoid a cult deprogramming your Boy Meets World reunion
as free pussy riot
means something diferent than you thought,
a bunch of malarkey. (for Suri's sake)

who made the “giant leap for mankind”
the choice to be laid to rest at the depths
in Commemorative Tshirts
(which lasts nearly 12 minutes but rewards persistence)

Everyone had shitface thoughts in a tight race and
Diane Sawyer was drunk on air
(at least enough to stoke the
misinformation and fallacious arguments that are
the slogans emblazoned in big bold letters on the back
of one million muppets)

"We are facing the likelihood of being taken
very very seriously as a nude face eating cannibal."

a former bath salts addict said.
like the darkest, evilest thing a cannibal zombie-style attack sparked
All the girls eating invisible spaghetti
made with ketchup and butter...

Jaswant Singh Thekedar
Jaswant Singh Thekedar ,
Jaswant Singh Thekedar of Kalgidhar gurdwara,

from the millionaire in the corner office to the mechanic in the local garage,
A 78-year-old Ohio man says we are a flat out bigoted disgrace,
and he immediately got more than a thousand followers
and some of the jeers

A top official resigned Tuesday, apologized publically, and resigned again.

From Sandy to Sandy Hook:
do we deserve Martian water
the promise of life on Titan?

Does 30 to 60 years in jail sit right
our betrayal of 20 children ?

I've comforted others, I've been comforted.
And in a universal song of God,
I've been kissed by dogs

Our long and  tense day becomes night
as we hold our breath.
Trayvon in one hand, half Newtown in the other.

We have to learn how to use this complicated machine we've built,
even if it only gets us
the bronze.

by C.P.Harrison

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