Monday, June 13, 2011

Subject: hot! Weiner

con gress [n. kong-gris]— n
1. a meeting or conference, esp of representatives of a number of sovereign states
2. a national legislative assembly
3. a society or association
4. sexual intercourse

there is a picture
a picture of a man
he is a man of congress, a “congress man”

there are pictures on a mantle
behind the man in the picture
the first picture is a woman

this picture is his wife
she is leaning over a wooden barrel
in a studio with her hands folded under her chin

this picture feels betrayed
this picture is ashamed and embarrassed
this picture cannot believe what the picture of the man has done to their lives

the next picture is of a man
he is a man of precedent, a former “president”
this picture is shaking the hand of the man of congress

this picture feels the man’s pain
this picture understands the shame, regret and disappointment
that will alter the other picture, he hears the snickers

these pictures are framed

the man in the picture is holding a card
on the card the word “me” is written in black Sharpie
the card feels nothing

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